Colour grading and audio post production

Audio & Video Post Production Services

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Colour Correction & Grading

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Video editing, sound design, motion graphics, colour grading and delivery using DaVinci Resolve, a one-stop solution for film and video post production.

I offer a remote, creative colour grading service using 'DaVinci Resolve'. The industry standard for colour grading and correction for film and video production. UK based, at the end of a high speed internet connection in the Southwest. I grade and deliver projects completely remotely in various formats. Delivering corporate YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok promotional videos to their respective output requirments, at a competitive price and with the final gloss and finish of a cinematic release.

Audio Post & Mixing

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Avid Pro Tools mixing, sweetening and editing for music, dialogue and production sound. Adobe Audition and iZotope RX10 for audio restoration and cleaning.

Music and audio production makes up a large part of my personal DNA. From working as a music editor on major international film and TV productions to mixing and editing soundtracks for corporate clients. There are few jobs I haven't done when it comes to audio. I have a dedicated Pro Tools based studio and also Adobe Audition, iZotope RX10 and other software plug-ins. If you have any problems with your production audio or you require any editing or mixing services, get in touch.

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Edit & Motion

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Motion graphics with Adobe After Effects, Fusion and Blender. Custom Subtitles, captions and editing with Resolve and Final Cut ProX.

I can also offer digital content creation using After Effects and Resolve as well as remote video editing. Just send me your footage, a script, your spotting notes etc. and I'll assemble your footage along with great sounding audio, punchy visuals and output to any format you require for social media or other marketing needs.


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A short demonstration of grading 8 bit footage.

8 Bit footage filmed on a Canon DSLR some ten years ago. The process of grading the image has a similar effect to restoring an old oil painting. Wiping from left to right you can easily see the difference between the original camera footage and the grade. Correcting the colour cast on the original footage.

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And some Sony RAW footage. From balanced to OTT.

Here are some agricultural clips taken from their RAW form through the various stages of a colour grade.


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Production Music

Buy 'Headstrong Mining' production music on POND5. All tracks are full length compositions with 60", 30" and 15" versions for multiple uses.

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Tiny Scores vol.1 Full length watermarked audio demo.

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Unreal Marketplace

Unreal Engine developers can find 'Tiny Scores' Volumes 1 & 2 on the Unreal Marketplace. Each album contains 12 diverse music tracks suitable for inclusion in Unreal Engine projects.

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Unity Asset Store

Unity developers can find 'Tiny Scores' Volumes 1 & 2 on the Unity asset store. Each album contains 12 diverse music tracks suitable for inclusion in Unreal Engine projects.

Tiny Scores vol.2 Full length watermarked audio demo.

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